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Ever find yourself staring at a bottle in the store, wondering if that "92 points" sticker is actually a green light to a great evening? Well, let's dive into what those wine ratings really mean and how you should use them (or not).


It's All About Taste


First things first: wine ratings are super subjective. It's like following a food critic who loves spicy food when you can't handle the heat—what works for them might not work for you. The key is to find a critic whose taste buds vibe with yours. Remember, just because they're a critic doesn't mean they're the be-all and end-all of wine wisdom.


Amateurs vs. Pros


You'd be surprised to learn that regular wine drinkers like us can be just as good at rating wines as the pros. Yup, that's right! There’s some evidence out there suggesting that your opinion on that bottle of Chardonnay is just as valid as a seasoned reviewer’s. So, trust your gut next time you sip something new.


What's in a Number?


It’s really important to understand what actually goes into a score and how wines are rated. In many publications for instance, wines are not rated based on some objective standard of quality but rather compared to other wines made from the same grape in the same region tasted the same day. So a 95 point Sauvignon Blanc from California is not necessarily better than a 92 point Shiraz from Australia. As long as a wine is not flawed, there’s no objective reality when it comes to quality. What might taste alcoholic to me, might taste perfectly smooth to you.


Scores Don't Sip


Remember, you can’t drink those points! At the end of the day, it’s about whether you like the wine, not how many points it scored. There's a ton of great wines out there without any scores that could be your next favorite. Many limited production, small, family-run wineries can’t afford or don’t bother with sending in samples to be scored. That doesn’t mean the wine is bad (often the opposite)!


Finding Your Wine Match


So, how should you use wine ratings? As a starting point, not a rulebook. Talk about what kinds of wines you like with a knowledgeable wine merchant (hopefully, that’s us!). They can help guide you to your new favorites, score or no score.


The Last Sip


In the big wide world of wine, ratings can be a helpful hint and are a nice starting point when you can’t possibly taste every wine under the sun … but they’re not the gospel. Explore, taste, and find what delights your palate—that’s the true joy of wine!

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